Advanced Search

With Advanced Search, finding the documents you need – when you need them – has never been so easy.

Searches can be filtered by:

  • Custom Date Range
  • Bill Date
  • Due Date
  • Upload Date
  • Amount
  • Custom Amount Range
  • Supplier
  • Document Type

You can use one or multiple filters to look for documents.


To use Advanced Search:

  1. Select the arrow in the search bar. A drop-down menu with search filters will appear.

  2. Select the filter(s) you’d like to use to search for a document (you can use one or multiple filters at a time).
  3. Click Search.

*Note: Search filters can be saved and shared! Save the URL of your search via a bookmark, or share the link with a collaborator to make sure you’re looking at the same set of results.

We’ve built Advanced Search to scale and will continue to add new filters over time. If you’d like to request a filter, please submit a ticket!

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