Multi-Page PDF Splitting

Split multi-page PDFs into individual documents in Hubdoc!

There are two convenient ways to use our Multi-Page PDF Splitting feature: via our web application or via email.

Via Web Application

  1. Click the ‘Add Receipt’ button.
  2. You will be presented with the option to drag and drop/upload one of the following types of files: Single Item File (your file contains a single document) or Multi-Page File (your file contains multiple documents, with one document per page – PDFs only).
  3. Select Multi-Page PDF.
  4. Drag and drop or upload a PDF containing multiple pages. Hubdoc will split the multi-page PDF into individual documents (up to 50 pages), ready for data extraction and coding.

Via Email:

  1. Use your unique intake email address (ending in to send multi-page PDF documents to Hubdoc for splitting. Add #split in the subject line to let Hubdoc know you’d like to split the PDF.
  2. Voila! Your PDF will automatically split into individual documents upon being emailed to Hubdoc (up to 50 pages), ready for data extraction and coding.


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