ScanSnap Home - Installation

Congratulations, you’re the proud owner of a Fujitsu ScanSnap and are ready to set it up! This article will walk through how to download ScanSnap Home so you can get started with your new scanner. 

1. To install ScanSnap Home first go to and select the appropriate scanner from the list of options.

2. Once selected, a list of operating systems will appear. Select the appropriate operating system. If you're not sure what your operating system is please see below:

3. Click "Display software list".

4. Select your location and click Download. Once you agree to the Terms and Conditions the download will begin automatically. 

5. Open the ScanSnap Home Download Installer by selecting the downloaded file. 

6. Double click the ScanSnap Home Setup Icon and approve any prompts requesting to open the file. 


7. This will open the ScanSnap Home Setup screen below. Click next to walk through the installation process and if any prompts appear, allow ScanSnap to make changes. 



8. Select your scanner from the menu of devices and click "Start setup".


9. Connect your scanner by Wi-Fi or USB cable to complete the setup. 

For more details related to ScanSnap installation, visit the ScanSnap Help which includes a range of resources to help you get started: ScanSnap Help

With ScanSnap Home installed and your ScanSnap scanner connected, you are ready to connect to Hubdoc: 

ScanSnap Home - Connect to Hubdoc


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