ScanSnap Home - Email to Hubdoc

You can send documents from your ScanSnap to any Hubdoc account by using ScanSnap’s attach to email function. This is a recommended method for uploading documents to a client’s Hubdoc account for which you do not have the Hubdoc login credentials.

1. With ScanSnap Home open, select ‘Scan Settings’ from the application menu


2. Select the ‘Add Profiles’ button in the top right corner


3. On the left column, under Business, select ‘Attach to E-mail’


4. Select ‘Add’ to create the ‘Attach to E-mail’ profile

 You have now successfully created a ScanSnap Scanning Profile for attaching to email. With this profile selected, scanning a new document will automatically be attached to an e-mail. You can then input a Hubdoc account’s unique intake email from your contacts to upload a document to a Hubdoc account.

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