Set Up a Client Organization on the Client's Behalf

Summary: Learn how to create and set up a client organization on their behalf.


  • Add a new client organization
  • Set up the client account
  • Invite your client to the account once it has been set up

Sometimes your firm will want to create and set up a client’s Hubdoc organization before giving them access. Setting up profile information and connecting to key integrations makes for a seamless onboarding experience for your clients.

Add a new client organization

Start by adding the new client organization to your practice account using a name and email. Each organization in Hubdoc requires a unique email address so use a placeholder email alias1 or unique email address you have access to. This will allow you to create the organization without notifying your client, whom you can invite to the account later as a user.  

If this is the first client organization you will be paying for:

  1. Log in to Hubdoc
  2. Select Add a Client Account
  3. Scroll down to Add a Client Account
  4. Enter the chosen placeholder email and select Add
  5. Enter your credit card information and billing address
  6. Select Pay Now

If you already are paying for other client organizations: 

  1. Log in to Hubdoc
  2. Select Add a Client Account
  3. Enter your client’s company name in both the Company Name and First Name fields. 
  4. Enter the chosen placeholder email to associate with this client organization
  5. Select Create Client

Note: It is recommended to use a real, accessible email address when creating a new client account. This allows you to retain authoritative control over any organization. Using email aliases are a great way to easily create new client accounts.


Set up the client organization

Once you’ve created the client organization, get the organization ready before you invite your client. Complete the any of the applicable set up tasks below:

Invite your client to access the organization

When the setup process is complete, you can invite your client and their staff to access the Hubdoc organization. Once added, they will have full access to view and work with all documents and integrations associated with their account.

  1. Log in to Hubdoc
  2. Select the client organization
  3. Select the gear icon
  4. Select Users
  5. Select Add User
  6. Enter the user’s email address and select the appropriate role and permissions for this individual. For a more detailed walkthrough on adding users to a Hubdoc organization, check out our Helpdesk article on Small Business Permissions.


If the user’s email is not already associated with a Hubdoc account, they will be sent an invitation email asking the user to complete their account creation.

You can invite additional users (e.g., your client’s staff members) by repeating this process.

Note: Sometimes this email can end up in the spam folder – please remind your clients to check here!

Get your client started

Now the client’s Hubdoc organization is set up and you’ve invited the client to access it, we recommend they begin uploading documents and set up automated connections to their online suppliers and banks.


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