Why is My Document Tagged as “Not-a-Document”?

If you have ever auto-forwarded an email or uploaded documents in bulk into Hubdoc, you might have noticed that logos, icons, or email signatures are sometimes accidentally added to your document extraction queue.

We consider these types of documents to be “non-financial documents”, meaning that they do not include financial data that is meant to be extracted and processed by Hubdoc.

To save you time from managing these non-financial documents, Hubdoc will automatically organize them into your trash folder and tag them as “not-a-document”. They will still be accessible to you in the trash folder, but don't require any manual work on your end to move them there!

Below, we’ll show you an example of how a non-financial document will appear in your Hubdoc account, enabling another layer of automation in your document workflow.

  1. A non-financial document, in this instance, an App Store logo, is uploaded into your Hubdoc account.

  2. Hubdoc’s machine learning technology will recognize the logo as a non-financial document and will automatically move it into the trash folder with a red “failed” symbol next to it. The document will also be tagged as  “not-a-document”, as seen beside the green “Add a Tag” button in the image below.




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