Why a Third Party is No Longer Listed as an Available Connection in Hubdoc

If you see a message in Hubdoc indicating that Hubdoc no longer supports automated fetching from a particular third party (e.g., a bank or supplier), it means that we have removed that particular bank/supplier from our list of available connections in Hubdoc. 

 There are two main reasons why we’ll remove connections in Hubdoc: 

  1. There has been a significant decline in usage of the connection among our user base.
  2. There has been a significant decline in the connection’s reliability. 

 To better understand why the connection has been removed due to reliability issues, it helps to understand how Hubdoc’s automated connections work.

 For each website Hubdoc fetches documents from, we have built a special software program called a "robot". This robot logs into the website on your behalf. The robot is trained to navigate the website and click the necessary links to find and fetch your documents, just like you would if you logged into the website yourself.

 The challenge with robots is that anytime the website makes a change – even a small adjustment, such as altering the text on a button – our robots can get lost and will be unable to find your documents. 


You’ve fixed my connections in the past, why can’t this one be fixed?

In cases where our Development team cannot foresee a resolution (usually due to circumstances that are outside of our control, such as website changes made by banks/suppliers), we will remove the connection because the robot is not able to fetch your documents.


What does it mean if more than one of my connections is no longer listed as an available connection in Hubdoc?

We regularly audit the performance of our existing connections and remove those that have declined in usage or reliability. We sincerely apologize if this impacts more than one of your connections.


What happens to my documents?

Documents that have been previously fetched from the bank/supplier connection will remain in your or your client’s Hubdoc account(s). However, no new documents will be fetched from the connection on a going-forward basis. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to you or your clients.


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