Small Business Permissions – Updated Hubdoc Navigation Bar

Summary: Learn about the new updates to the Hubdoc navigation bar that have been released alongside the rollout of Small Business Permissions.


  • Gear & Profile icons
  • New Tabs 

Gear & Profile icons

In the Hubdoc navigation bar, you’ll notice that “Accounts” and your organization name have been replaced with gear and profile icons (respectively). 

Gear icon – Click here to access your Hubdoc organization’s settings window (the same window that appears when you click the “Add Account” button), where you can manage connections, users, organization settings, billing information, integrations, account security, etc.

Profile icon – Click here for a dropdown menu that enables you to quickly access your profile/organization settings (depending on your user role), our Support team, our Getting Started Guide; or, log out of Hubdoc. 


New Tabs 

When you click the the gear icon or the “Add Account” button, you might see the following new tabs in the Hubdoc settings window (depending on your role and permissions):

Users – Manage and add small business users. (Note: this tab will only be visible if you have permissions to manage users.)

Organization – Change your Hubdoc organization name, base currency, date format, and intake email address; and enable or disable data extraction.

Integrations - Connect or disconnect your Hubdoc integrations with your general ledger (Xero, QBO, etc.), cloud storage platform, and/or hardware integrations like Scansnap. 

Profile & Security – Change your Hubdoc username, email, password, and manage two-factor authentication. 



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