Data Replacement & Auto-fill Issues from Browser Extensions

Summary: Learn how certain browser extensions could cause document data (dates, total amounts, invoice numbers, etc.) in Hubdoc to change seemingly at random. Learn how to disable certain extensions to prevent this issue from occurring. 


  • Identifying an issue caused by auto-fill 
  • Disabling LastPass for Hubdoc

Identifying an issue caused by auto-fill

Extensions that automatically fill-in online forms (like LastPass, Dashlane, etc.) can sometimes incorrectly attempt to fill in saved data, replacing the data already associated with your Hubdoc documents.

Most commonly, this problem is observed when switching between documents in Hubdoc. When switching documents, you will notice that the data values (total amount, date, supplier name) on the newly selected document are immediately changed.

If there is an issue being caused by a browser extension, every time you switch between documents, the values will change immediately and consistently (the same date, total amount, etc.).  

Disabling LastPass for Hubdoc

The following process will allow you disable LastPass specifically for Hubdoc. 

  1. In your browser, select the LastPass extension icon 
  2. Select Open My Vault
  3. Select Account Settings
  4. Select Never URLS
  5. Select Add
  6. Enter a new entry:
    • Type: Never Fill Forms

    • URL:

  7. Select Add
  8. Quit Chrome
  9. Re-open Chrome and log in to Hubdoc

Once this process has been completed, the data changing issue should be fully resolved.


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