Publish CIS Transactions to Xero

CIS is a withholding tax in the UK that gets calculated when specific types of contacts and accounts are selected on a bill, invoice and credit note. 

Once CIS is enabled in Xero, add CIS account codes to your chart of accounts and CIS information to a new subcontractor or existing supplier. Once completed, you’ll be able to publish CIS documents from Hubdoc to Xero.

To publish a document from Hubdoc to Xero, select the required fields. 

Contact: Hubdoc retrieves your Contact list, including CIS information, when connected to Xero. Select or begin typing the name of the Xero Contact for this document.

Account Code: Hubdoc retrieves the Chart of Accounts, including CIS account codes, when connected to your Xero account.  Before this document is published to Xero, select or begin typing the appropriate account code from the list.

Line items: Line items include single or multiple. To edit multiple line items, select the Multiple button and Edit Line Items, which will display a table for you to edit multiple line items by description, quantity, unit price, category, and tax rate.

Please note, the CIS amount is not deducted from the total amount in Hubdoc.


Once all required fields are selected, your document will be ready to publish to Xero!  Hubdoc will create a new purchase entry in Xero with the source document attached.  The CIS deduction will be calculated automatically in Xero, using the CIS rate you’ve selected, and displayed below the bill total.

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