Resolve issues with automated account connections



  • Resolve issues you might have with your automated account connection, such as multiple prompts to answer PVQs, entering your 2FA code or , or duplicate folders.

  • You might also get an incorrect credentials error if Hubdoc can't import documents.


Automated account connections for banks and financial institutions aren’t available for organisations in New Zealand,
Australia or the United Kingdom.


Multiple personal verification questions (PVQs)

If you’re being asked multiple PVQs but they’re different each time, it means the third-party website you’re trying to connect to uses more than one question to verify your identity.

To stop multiple PVQs being asked, answer all the security questions for your supplier’s website:

  1. On the Hubdoc dashboard, click the settings icon in the top right hand corner. 

  2. On the Manage Accounts tab, find the automated account connection you want to update.

  3. Click Update accounts to refresh the account connection.

  4. Click Fix it to prompt one of the PVQs.

  5. Enter your answer, then click Save.

  6. Click Update accounts to prompt a new question. Repeat this step to cycle through all the PVQs associated with your account. 


The same PVQ is being asked repeatedly

When you submit your answer and it’s rejected by the website you’re trying to connect to, Hubdoc presents the same question again. If you’re being asked the same question, it indicates that you’ve entered the answer incorrectly, or that there’s a technical issue with one of Hubdoc’s automated connections.

Check that you’re entering the right answer, including punctuation, spaces, and capitalisation. To confirm the answer, check your security settings on the website you’re connecting Hubdoc to.

If you’re confident that you’re entering the answers to these questions correctly and continue to receive security questions, please get in touch with our support team and we’ll investigate.


Frequent Two Factor Authentication (2FA) code prompts

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security method where a numeric code is sent to a mobile device or an authenticator application in order to access an account.

Hubdoc only asks for your 2FA code as often as the third-party website requires it. If you want to reduce the frequency of 2FA requests, you might be able to manage this in the settings of the third-party website. 

To verify your account connection, re-generate the authentication code.


Incorrect credentials error

The error message We could not log you in, please check your username and password indicates that the credentials entered aren’t allowing Hubdoc to successfully import documents. 

When you receive this error message, Hubdoc sends you an email notification. If the error isn't resolved promptly, the connection deactivates and documents are no longer automatically imported.

If there's a delay in reconnecting the account connection, manually import any documents that were missed during the period the connection was inactive for.

To resolve the error, click Fix it and re-enter your credentials. If the error still displays:

  1. Click the link next to the name of the supplier to go to their login page.
  2. Use the credentials you tried to log in to Hubdoc with and enter them into the portal.

You may need to click Report a problem if:

  • The portal requires you to enter additional information such as one-time tokens, 2FA codes, or PVQs, but you don’t get this option in Hubdoc
  • You're not required to enter any additional information and you can log in successfully with the credentials


 Duplicate folders for the same account connection

Duplicate folders for the same account connection can be created if:
  • Changes have been made to the connection by your suppliers, like changing the name of the bank account
  • You’ve disconnected and then reconnected the account connection

Duplicate documents might not be detected and marked as duplicate, as the account connection could be seen as coming from a new supplier. You'll need to manually check the new folder for duplicates and delete the individual documents you don't need.

New documents will continue to be added to the most recently created folder.

Merging folders isn't available for account connections.

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