Convert to Hubdoc from Dext Prepare


  • Transfer your document storage from Dext Prepare (formally Receipt Bank) to Hubdoc.

There’s no specific process to convert organisations from Dext Prepare to Hubdoc, but this is our suggested approach.

  1. Set up a new Hubdoc organisation, if you haven’t already.
  2. Customise your unique Hubdoc email address and ask all customers, suppliers and contacts to send documents to this address from a specific date. You might want to keep your Dext Prepare account open for a while longer in case some documents are still sent there.
  3. Once you’re satisfied that all documents are being sent to Hubdoc, cancel the Dext Prepare subscription.

As the existing Dext Prepare documents are already attached to transactions in your cloud accounting software you don’t need to upload these into Hubdoc.

We recommend downloading all of your documents from Dext Prepare, as you can’t access them once you cancel your subscription. You can download all of your documents into one file, but the download file is too large to upload to Hubdoc. We recommend you upload them to a cloud storage platform or store them locally.

What's next?

Understand how Hubdoc works.

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