View Hubdoc organisations you can access


  • View and switch between the Hubdoc organisations you have access to.
  • Understand the information shown in the Organizations tab in the Partner portal screen.

View and switch between organisations

If you have access to multiple Hubdoc organisations, you can view and switch between them from the partner portal in My Hubdoc. You’ll see the Partner portal screen each time you log in.

You can also access your organisations from any organisation’s dashboard:

  1. In the dashboard, click the organisation name, then select My Hubdoc.
    Under Folders, click the organisation name, then select My Hubdoc.
  2. In the Organizations tab in the Partner portal screen, search for and view your organisations. Click an organisation name to access it.

The organisation attached to your email address shows above the list of organisations you can access. If you're an accountant or bookkeeper with user access to a practice organisation, this organisation shows above the list of client organisations.

Organisation fields explained

Most organisation fields are self-explanatory. Below are a few that might not be:

Column  Description
To Review The number of documents in the organisation's Review or Failed document status tabs.

Indicates if a connection to a cloud platform, such as QuickBooks Online, is disconnected. 

Click the error icon for more information about the connection error.

Practice Users

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, this is the number of practice users who have access to the client organisation. Click the number to see who has access.

Subscription The organisation's subscription status:
  • Pending – you've taken over a client's organisation but they haven't granted you access yet
  • Free –  the free Hubdoc organisation for your practice
  • Paying – the organisation is an active subscription
  • Non-paying – the organisation is inactive and in a read-only state
  • Included in Xero – the organisation is connected to a Xero business edition organisation and included in the Xero subscription


What's next?

Find out how to get documents into your Hubdoc organisation.

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