About user permissions in Hubdoc


  • Understand the permissions you can assign to users in your Hubdoc organisation.

About user roles in Hubdoc

User roles in Hubdoc allow staff to help with processes such as uploading receipts while also restricting their access to sensitive data and other features.

Set separate roles for each user that has access to your Hubdoc organisation. For example, employees who only need to submit documents, auditors who only need to view documents, and advisors who need to code and publish documents to the business’ general ledger.

There are three user roles:

  • Upload only
  • Standard
  • Accountant/bookkeeper

Users with the upload only role can be changed to the standard role, and vice versa. The accountant/bookkeeper user can have their access revoked from the organisation, but can't be changed to a different role.

When a user has the accountant/bookkeeper role in one organisation, they can only be invited as accountant/bookkeeper into any other organisations.

If you get an error when adding or changing user permissions in Hubdoc, you can find out what these mean.

Hubdoc User roles explained

Upload only

The upload only role allows users to submit source documents, but they can't see documents uploaded by others.

Users with the upload only role can:

  • Upload documents to the business’ Hubdoc organisation, but can't delete them
  • Only view documents they’ve uploaded. These documents are located in their All documents folder. They can’t view individual supplier folders or documents uploaded by other users or imported via automated connections.
  • Create tags, but can't delete them or view tags created by other users

Upload only users can also be assigned permission to publish the documents they’ve uploaded to their cloud accounting platform.


The standard user role allows users to upload and see all of the organisation’s documents.

Users with the standard role can:

  • Upload documents to the business’ Hubdoc organisation
  • View and download all documents
  • Manage the organisation’s settings

Standard users can be assigned additional permissions to allow them to publish documents, manage automated connections or manage other users.

Read only access can also be given, which revokes all permissions except the ability to view all of the organisation’s documents. This role is ideal for auditors or those who only need to access the organisation’s documents, but don’t need to publish any documents or set up any connections.


The accountant/bookkeeper user role is ideal for administrators, accountants, bookkeepers, and/or advisors who require full access and capabilities within the business’ Hubdoc organisation.

Users with the accountant/bookkeeper role can:

  • Upload documents and view all documents in the organisation
  • Publish documents to the business’ general ledger
  • Manage automated connections
  • Manage other users
  • Manage the organisation’s settings

The accountant/bookkeeper role can’t be customised.

TIP | If you’re a small business owner, invite your accountant or bookkeeper with this role so they can link your organisation to their practice in Hubdoc.

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