About Hubdoc billing


  • How to pay for a Hubdoc organisation. 

What you need to know

How it works

  • The only way to pay for your organisation is by credit card. Hubdoc accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you’re located in a country other than Canada, make sure your credit card allows international transactions.
  • You add your payment details when you set up your first Hubdoc organisation.
  • Once you've added payment details, Hubdoc charges your credit card for your first month’s subscription.
  • The date you add your payment details becomes your monthly billing date. For example, if you add your payment details on 2 November, Hubdoc bills you on the second of every month.
  • If you're located in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand, you're billed in your local currency. All other countries are billed in USD.

Hubdoc subscription invoices

Hubdoc emails subscription invoices to the organisation's payor every month.

If you’re the payor, you can also view copies of the invoices from within your organisation. Invoices are saved in the Hubdoc folder within the Bills & Statements folder.

Accountants and bookkeepers

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper who pays for your client’s Hubdoc organisations, your first month's invoice is for one subscription. Any organisations added between billing dates aren't charged until the next billing date, and only if they're still an active subscription under your practice's account.

If you pay for organisations for multiple clients, you only need to add credit card details when you set up the first client organisation.

What's next?

Update your payment details for your own or your client’s Hubdoc organisation.

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