About a document's status in Hubdoc


  • Status tabs show where a document is in the workflow.
  • Documents also show symbols indicating their status.

Status tabs explained

Documents in Hubdoc show in different status tabs, so you can see where they are in the processing flow. By default, documents are sorted by the time they were uploaded (the All tab) or by the bill date (all other tabs). To change this, click the current sort order (next to Sort By), then select the order you want.

All – shows all documents, both manually and automatically uploaded.

Processing – shows documents that were manually uploaded and are in the process of having their data extracted. Data extraction usually takes seconds, but can sometimes take up to a few hours depending on the type of document and the size of the document queue.

Review – shows manually uploaded documents that have completed data extraction or have data extraction turned off.

Failed – shows manually uploaded documents that have failed data extraction, and documents that have failed to publish to a destination.

Archived – shows documents that are successfully published to a destination. It also shows documents:

  • From a supplier with auto-archive enabled
  • Manually uploaded while the account was in a non-paying state
  • Manually archived by a user

Tip | If you have multiple destinations and saved configurations, you'll need to publish the document to all destinations before it's moved to the Archived tab.

Status symbols explained

Symbol Description
Duplicate document icon Shows on any document that has the same date, supplier, amount, and invoice number if used, as an existing document
Hubdoc blue clock symbol for documents being processed. Shows on any document being processed
Hubdoc yellow triangle symbol for documents in review. Shows on any document in review
Hubdoc prohibition symbol for failed documents. Shows on any document that’s failed the data extraction process or failed to publish
Hubdoc green check symbol for archived documents. Shows on any document that’s been archived


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