Search for documents in Hubdoc


  • Find any document in Hubdoc using a simple or advanced search.

About searching for documents

In a simple search, you can search:

  • Contact name
  • Date or Due date – use the date format as set out in your organisation's settings
  • Total amount
  • Note text
  • Document type – such as an invoice, statement, report, receipt, etc

In an advanced search, you can also search by:

  • Custom date ranges
  • Upload date
  • Custom amount ranges

Hubdoc searches both extracted and manually entered data from documents, as well as embedded text in PDF documents, but not PDF images.

Run a simple search

  1. On the dashboard, above the folder list, enter your search terms in the search field.
    The search bar is above the folder list.
  2. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Run an advanced search

  1. On the dashboard, above the folder list, click the arrow in the search field.
    Click the arrow next to the search bar for an advanced search.
  2. Select the fields and enter the values you want to search on.
  3. Click Search.

Tip | Copy the URL of an advanced search to save a common search or share it with someone else.

Select from search results

The documents matching your search show in the documents column. Click Sort By to sort the results by date or amount, or select a status tab to narrow the results further.

Search results show the supplier, document date, amount, currency and due date, if those details were extracted. To view more details for a result, click the result.

To see which folder a document is stored in, click the search result, then hover your mouse over the file location icon.

Mouse hovering over file location icon.

What's next?

Find out how to download or export documents from Hubdoc.


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