Set up your client on Hubdoc


  • Create your client’s Hubdoc organisation, then invite your staff and client.
  • Set up key areas of your client’s organisation.

WARNING | This article outlines how to set up clients on Hubdoc who don’t also use Xero. If your client uses Xero, follow these steps to set up your client on Hubdoc (Xero Central website).

1. Create your client’s Hubdoc organisation

Before you start

Make sure your Hubdoc practice is set up and decide who in your practice will create your clients’ organisations. To streamline the set up process and manage staff more efficiently, we recommend the same staff member sets up all client organisations.

Each Hubdoc organisation must be set up with a unique email address. Before creating your client’s Hubdoc organisation, confirm the email address you'll use to set it up: 

  • Use your client's email address to set up the organisation with their login credentials. You can access it from your practice organisation and you'll automatically have an accountant/bookkeeper user role. 
  • Use an email alias to create multiple organisations for your client using the same email account. You can also use an email alias if your client doesn't need full access to the organisation, for example if they only upload documents.

Create the organisation

  1. In any organisation’s dashboard, click the organisation name, then select My Hubdoc.
  2. In the Partner portal screen, click Create a new organization.
  3. Select Create a new organization with email.
  4. If you:
    • Have payment details saved against your practice, click Next
    • Are asked to review your payment information, click Continue to billing and follow the prompts to enter and save your credit card details
  5. Enter your client’s email address.
  6. To invite your client into the organisation now, select Send email invite to client. Leave this checkbox clear if you want to wait until you’ve finished the set up process, or if you've used an email alias.
  7. Click Create & pay for organization or Add Client Organization.

2. Give practice staff access to your client’s organisation

TIP | These steps tell you how to add staff to client organisations with the accountant/bookkeeper role. If you want to assign a different user role, invite them from within the client’s organisation.

Before you start, make sure the staff member has access to your Hubdoc practice

To give a staff member access to the client's organisation:

  1. In any organisation’s dashboard, click the organisation name, then select My Hubdoc.
  2. In the Partner portal screen, select the Manage practice users tab.
  3. Click the staff member’s name.
  4. Select the checkbox for each client you want to grant access to.
  5. Click Save.

3. Set up your client’s organisation

Before you or your client start using Hubdoc, set up the details of their organisation:

 4. Invite your client

If you haven't already, invite your client into their organisation.

If you used an email alias when you set up their organisation, invite them in as a new user. You need to do this from your client's organisation. Check with your client which email address they want the invitation to go to.

If you used your client's email address to set up their organisation:

  1.  In your client’s organisation dashboard, click the settings icon .
  2. Select the Organization tab. Your client's email will show as the Organization Email.
  3. Click Send email invite.

Your client will receive an email to set up their login credentials and create their Hubdoc account. 

What's next?

That’s it, your client is now ready to use their Hubdoc organisation!

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